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#1000 - Autosol Metal Polish - 75ml Tube
Price: $10.48

Best Metal Polish on the Planet
#1824 - Autosol Aluminum Polish - 75ml Tube
Price: $10.98

This revolutionary, ammonia-free product, created in the laboratories of Dursol-Fabrik, is perfect for cleaning and polishing uncoated aluminum surfaces leaving an unparalleled sheen without scratching or hazing. Remember to spray on Autosol Metal Protective Oil for extreme long lasting protection.
#1734 - Autosol Stainless Steel Polish - 75ml Tube
Price: $10.98

Specially formulated polishing agents are designed to clean and shine polished stainless steel, leaving an unparalleled sheen, without scratching or hazing the surface.
#1920 - Autosol Anodized Aluminum Polish - 75ml Tube
Price: $11.48

Autosol Polish for Anodized Aluminum is a specially formulated polish containing the finest of polishing substances to achieve optimum cleaning results on all types of anodized aluminum without harming the anodized surface.
#1210 - Autosol Liquid Metal Polish - 250ml Bottle
Price: $11.98

Created for superior results on all metal surfaces; this liquid metal polish has won three international gold metals. The high quality polishing ingredients ensure intensive, yet gentle cleaning. Quick and easy to use, removes oxidation, tarnishes and stains, resulting in a brilliant finish. Also protects against future rust and tarnish.
#1710 - Metal Protective Oil - 400ml Aerosol
Price: $13.98

Specially formulated to eliminate dirt, dust, streaks and fingerprints. The surface is left spotless and gleaming.
#1050 - Autosol Gold & Silver Polish - 75ml Tube
Price: $13.98

Extra-gentle formula for polishing and preserving gold, silver and other precious metals. Ultra fine abrasives gently polish, clean, condition and protect against corrosion and tarnishing.
#1800 - Autosol Aluminum Cleaner - 500ml
Price: $14.98

This powerful acid-free cleaner is designed to clean uncoated or polished aluminum and other alloys. It removes old polish residue to prepare the aluminum surface for a fresh application of Autosol Aluminum Polish.
#1700 - Autosol Stainless Steel Cleaner - 500ml Bottle
Price: $14.98

This safe, industrial strength stainless steel cleaner can also be used for cleaning brass, and anodized and enameled metal surfaces. It is a powerful dirt remover that also removes grease and oily residues. It is neutral in color and odor.
#1280 - Autosol Metal Miracle - 200ml Bottle
Price: $19.98
Sale Price: $16.98
You save $3.00!

Autosol Metal Miracle offers metal cleaning and protection in a single product.  It works wonders on metallic and wooden surfaces alike, creating a matte smooth finish with anti-fingerprint agents that provide long lasting protection. Metal Miracle is formulated especially for brushed surfaces and for use in food preparation areas.