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#1190 - Autosol Marine Shine - 75ml Tube
Price: $9.98

This professional strength product cleans and polishes weathered boat surfaces. The abrasive agents remove rust from all bright metal parts and fiberglass surfaces on boats. Excellent for preserving the luster of hulls, decks and engines.
#5075 - Autosol Glass Cleaner Extra Strong - 500ml Bottle
Price: $9.98

Extra Strong version of our classic Glass Cleaner. Scientifically formulated to remove the toughest stains and hard water spots from glass, this easy to apply cleaner produces a smear free clarity on windows, mirror and frames.  The spray on cleaner even removes stubborn stains that appear only when wet and tough waxes or silicones from car wash machines.
#1300 - Autosol Scratch Remover - 75ml Tube
Price: $10.98

This gentle and effective cleaner restores the optical clarity of worn and scratched synthetic glass surfaces, including convertible rear windows, plastic lenses, instrument panels, motorcycle helmet visors and windshields. It removes hazing and yellowing, while also filling in fine scratches to ensure uninhibited visibility. Leaves a clear, long-lasting, protective film to protect against scratches, weather damage and UV rays.
#15902 - Autosol Boat Shampoo - 1000ml Bottle
Price: $10.98

Cleaning concentrate for all soiled surfaces on boats rinses away contaminants without stripping wax. This pH-neutral and biodegradable formula dissolves dirt oil and grease quickly and safely, producing an ultra clean slick finish.
#12420 - Autosol Degreaser - 500ml Bottle
Price: $10.98

This cleaner provides an effortless, yet thorough removal of grime, such as insect residue, oil, tar etc. Safe and effective for use on paintwork, glass and plastic.
#51210 - Autosol Boat Metal Polish Liquid - 250ml Bottle
Price: $12.48

Because of their constant exposure to moisture, air and sometimes salt, boats need extra care to get rid of and prevent oxidation. Autosol Boat Metal Polish offers this by removing oxidation, rust and other contaminants and debris to reveal a brilliant shine. The easy to use liquid formula works on most boat metals, inside and out, though it is not recommended for anodized or gold-plated metals (see our other products specifically for these types of metals).
#16000 - Autosol Marine Soap Stone - 400gr Jar
Price: $13.98

The combination of high quality polishing agents and natural soaps make Autosol Marine Soap Stone ideal for cleaning nearly all surfaces on your boat. Ideal for cleaning non-slip surfaces, kitchen equipment, galley, toilets, faucets and more. With a cleaning sponge integrated in the can, this environmentally friendly product comes in handy at all, just use a little fresh water and you’re good to go! The cleaning sponge is integrated in the can.
#7900 - Autosol Convertible Top Cleaner - 500ml Bottle
Price: $13.98

Originally developed for BMW, Autosol’s convertible top cleaner safely and effectively cleans convertible tops. This fast-acting formula is safe for all tops – cloth or vinyl. For lasting weather protection, follow with Autosol Impregnating Agent
#53900 - Autosol Bird & Spider Stain Remover - 500ml Bottle
Price: $16.98

This non-toxic cleaner utilizes a formula specifically created to remove stains left by either bird droppings or spider residue. First removes all solids from the surface to reveal any remaining stains which are then taken care of.  Just spray on and the product with begin to dissolve and break down droppings immediately. Won’t harm surfaces or remove polish or wax. The gentle formula simply removes droppings quickly and easily, leaving the rest of the surface intact. This product can be applied to all marine surfaces including gelcoat, paint, vinyl, sunbrella and other fabrics used to fabricate marine enclosures, including Eisenglass and other clear enclosure materials.
#15709 - Autosol Water Line Cleaner - 400ml Bottle
Price: $16.98

The best choice for eliminating all waterline damage. Fights against waterline damage caused by oxidation, algae, lime and salt as well as dirt and light oxidation on painted and metal surfaces.  Contains corrosion inhibitors and a pleasant fragrance.