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#0310 - Croldino Hand Cleaning Paste - 500ml Jar
Price: $6.98

Clean thoroughly and protects skin from oil, grease and lubricants.  Bio-degradable and clinically tested.  Contains special hand care components.  Ideal for workshop, home use and industrial.
#2002 - Autosol Auto Shampoo - 1L Bottle
Price: $8.98

This specially formulated foaming shampoo concentrate loosens dirt quickly and thoroughly.  Unlike other detergents, it leaves the wax film on the vehicle intact.  Mild conditioners leave your car sparkling clean and streak-free, with no residue, pH balanced.
#12460 Engine Cleaning Foam - 300ml Aerosol
Price: $8.98

This is an environmentally friendly, high performance detergent. The active foam is exceptionally effective for several pollution from oil and dust. The foam action of the product means that it is very economical for use. Contains no hydrocarbons (petroleum) as active ingredients.
#1000 - Autosol Metal Polish - 75ml Tube
Price: $9.98

Best Metal Polish on the Planet
#6501 - Autosol Rubber Care (Gummi-Pflege) - 75ml
Price: $9.98

This silicone-based formula keeps seals flexible and repels water, preventing rubber seals from freezing in winter. Also provides UV protection and keeps rubber seals from drying out, which can lead to leaks and wind noise. The convenient foam pad applicator allows precise application.
#5075 - Autosol Glass Cleaner Extra Strong - 500ml Bottle
Price: $9.98

Extra Strong version of our classic Glass Cleaner. Scientifically formulated to remove the toughest stains and hard water spots from glass, this easy to apply cleaner produces a smear free clarity on windows, mirror and frames.  The spray on cleaner even removes stubborn stains that appear only when wet and tough waxes or silicones from car wash machines.
#5540 - Autosol Screen Wash Concentrate 100:1 - 250ml Bottle
Price: $9.98

This highly concentrated; pH neutral cleaner was designed specifically for vehicle windscreens and headlight washers. It completely eliminates grime, grease, and oil, leaving behind crystal-clear visibility and a pleasant peach fragrance. Perfect for modern synthetic, polycarbonate, headlights.
#1824 - Autosol Aluminum Polish - 75ml Tube
Price: $10.98

This revolutionary, ammonia-free product, created in the laboratories of Dursol-Fabrik, is perfect for cleaning and polishing uncoated aluminum surfaces leaving an unparalleled sheen without scratching or hazing. Remember to spray on Autosol Metal Protective Oil for extreme long lasting protection.
#1300 - Autosol Scratch Remover - 75ml Tube
Price: $10.98

This gentle and effective cleaner restores the optical clarity of worn and scratched synthetic glass surfaces, including convertible rear windows, plastic lenses, instrument panels, motorcycle helmet visors and windshields. It removes hazing and yellowing, while also filling in fine scratches to ensure uninhibited visibility. Leaves a clear, long-lasting, protective film to protect against scratches, weather damage and UV rays.
#1040 - Autosol Leather Cleaner - 75ml Tube
Price: $10.98

Quick and easy to use, gentle but effective, Autosol Leather Cleaner restores color and luster to leather while removing stains caused by dirt, build-up, and even ink.  The pH-balanced formula safely cleans leather without changing the look or feel or harming any stitches.  It is suitable for smooth leather and also works on matte plastic, vinyl or synthetic leather, though not recommended for suede.  The deep cleaning action removes grime and restores elasticity while giving new depth of color to leave a natural, matte finish.

Because Autosol Leather Cleaner works to safely clean and protect leather, it is the exclusive leather cleaner of the BMW Factory.  In addition to leather seats, this product cleans and restores bumpers, spoilers, motorcycle bags and saddles. It is even great outside the automotive world, and can be used for jackets, briefcases, wallets, furniture and even shoes.