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#1100 - Autosol Metal Polish - 750ml Can #1040 - Autosol Leather Cleaner - 75ml Tube #1824 - Autosol Aluminum Polish - 75ml Tube
#1100 - Autosol Metal Polish - 750ml Can
Price: $69.99
Sale Price: $64.99
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#1824 - Autosol Aluminum Polish - 75ml Tube
Price: $14.99
Sale Price: $11.99
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This incomparably superior, quality metal polish is our most popular product. It has won three international gold medals and is recommended by manufacturers, museums and restoration experts around the world. It safely and easily removes oxidation, corrosion, stains, and rust. It produces a brilliant reflective luster and leaves an invisible protective coating to ensure a long-lasting shine. Quick and easy to use, gentle but effective, Autosol Leather Cleaner restores color and luster to leather while removing stains caused by dirt, build-up, and even ink.  The pH-balanced formula safely cleans leather without changing the look or feel or harming any stitches.  It is suitable for smooth leather and also works on matte plastic, vinyl or synthetic leather, though not recommended for suede.  The deep cleaning action removes grime and restores elasticity while giving new depth of color to leave a natural, matte finish.

Because Autosol Leather Cleaner works to safely clean and protect leather, it is the exclusive leather cleaner of the BMW Factory.  In addition to leather seats, this product cleans and restores bumpers, spoilers, motorcycle bags and saddles. It is even great outside the automotive world, and can be used for jackets, briefcases, wallets, furniture and even shoes.
This revolutionary, ammonia-free product, created in the laboratories of Dursol-Fabrik, is perfect for cleaning and polishing uncoated aluminum surfaces leaving an unparalleled sheen without scratching or hazing. Remember to spray on Autosol Metal Protective Oil for extreme long lasting protection.
#1300 - Autosol Scratch Remover - 75ml Tube #6501 - Autosol Rubber Care (Gummi-Pflege) - 75ml #1020 - Autosol Plastic Cleaner - 75ml Tube
#1300 - Autosol Scratch Remover - 75ml Tube
Price: $14.99
Sale Price: $11.99
You save $3.00!
This gentle and effective cleaner restores the optical clarity of worn and scratched synthetic glass surfaces, including convertible rear windows, plastic lenses, instrument panels, motorcycle helmet visors and windshields. It removes hazing and yellowing, while also filling in fine scratches to ensure uninhibited visibility. Leaves a clear, long-lasting, protective film to protect against scratches, weather damage and UV rays. This silicone-based formula keeps seals flexible and repels water, preventing rubber seals from freezing in winter. Also provides UV protection and keeps rubber seals from drying out, which can lead to leaks and wind noise. The convenient foam pad applicator allows precise application. This dual action cleaner and conditioner restores color and sheen to plastic. UV inhibitors protect plastic from fading and brittleness. Anti-static agents repel dust and dirt. This silicone-free, non-toxic formula leaves a matte finish with a pleasant orange fragrance.
#7900 - Autosol Convertible Top Cleaner - 500ml Bottle #2002 - Autosol Auto Shampoo - 1L Bottle #3009 - Autosol Hard Wax - 400ml Bottle
Originally developed for BMW, Autosol’s convertible top cleaner safely and effectively cleans convertible tops. This fast-acting formula is safe for all tops – cloth or vinyl. For lasting weather protection, follow with Autosol Impregnating Agent This specially formulated foaming shampoo concentrate loosens dirt quickly and thoroughly.  Unlike other detergents, it leaves the wax film on the vehicle intact.  Mild conditioners leave your car sparkling clean and streak-free, with no residue, pH balanced. Formulated using the highest quality ingredients, this superior high gloss wax dries to form a highly reflective hard film for long-lasting protection. Rich nano waxes cover paint imperfections and provide high gloss, while high-tech nano polymers provide durability, ease of use and depth. Restores nutritive oils to the paint finish. Perfect for new or freshly treated paint and clear coats
#3609 - Autosol Metallic Polish - 400ml Bottle #7000 - Autosol Active Interior Cleaner - 500ml Bottle #2550 - Autosol Express Wax - 500ml Bottle
This creamy liquid polish is formulated specifically for metallic, clear coat and lacquered paints. Ultra fine abrasives gently clean and remove even the slightest bit of oxidation, restoring shimmer and shine. This polish is extremely easy to apply and remove, and leaves a spectacular high gloss finish. This foam cleaner was specially developed for cleaning plastic and painted surfaces of vehicle interiors. It eliminates the most stubborn stains and the toughest build-up, leaving behind a pleasing, mild peach fragrance. Perfect for use on plastic headlights. This high quality, quick acting liquid wax provides a long lasting, and protective, vehicle finish. Special ingredients in this formula have the effect of displacing water and making polishing easier. Express Wax can be sprayed directly onto the wet painted surface, no buffing required...
#2220 - Autosol Multi-purpose Cleaner Extra Strong - 500ml Bottle #3109 - Autosol Car Polish - 400ml Bottle #5540 - Autosol Screen Wash Concentrate 100:1 - 250ml Bottle
This cleaner provides an effortless, yet thorough removal of grime, such as insect residue, oil, tar, etc. Safe and effective for use on paintwork, glass and plastic. This gentle, but effective cleaner/glaze formula cleans and revives paintwork – all in one application. Fine abrasives polish the finish and restore color and shine. This formula removes overspray, light scratches, and small imperfections in the paint and damage from acid rain. High tech nano polymers leave a protective high gloss film. This highly concentrated; pH neutral cleaner was designed specifically for vehicle windscreens and headlight washers. It completely eliminates grime, grease, and oil, leaving behind crystal-clear visibility and a pleasant peach fragrance. Perfect for modern synthetic, polycarbonate, headlights.
#12600 - Autosol High Performance 360 Wheel Cleaner - 400ml Aerosol #5190 - Autosol Insect Remover Extra Strong - 500ml Bottle #11300 - Autosol Tar & Stain Remover - 300ml Aerosol
#12600 - Autosol High Performance 360 Wheel Cleaner - 400ml Aerosol
Price: $14.99
Sale Price: $9.99
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This cleaner is designed to quickly and thoroughly remove stubborn insect residue before going through a car wash. It is also able to clean heavy oil stains, resin and other encrustations on glass, paintwork and chrome.  Dissolves residue by detecting imperfections and sticking in spots with foreign material. Gel-like consistency ensures optimal results.
#3209 - Autosol Paintwork Cleaner - 400ml Bottle #0230 - Autosol Eco Line Interior Cleaner - 500ml Bottle #0220 - Autosol Eco Line Insect Remover - 500ml Bottle
A creamy, silicone-free liquid product, offers deep cleaning and restores original color to weather paint surfaces. Polishing agents gently but effectively remove dirt and other contaminants, leaving a gleaming, smear free finish.
#0210 - Autosol Eco Line Glass Cleaner - 500ml Bottle #0200 - Autosol Eco Line Car Shampoo - 250ml Bottle #9100 Autosol Lock De-Icer - 50ml Bottle
#200 AUTOSOL Eco Line Car Shampoo is a highly concentrated cleaner with maximum cleaning power.  It is an ecologically sound product with reduced packaging.  The cost savings dispenser ensures the correct dosage of one capful is dispensed. Instantly unfreeze frozen locks on automobiles, trucks, fuel tanks, and outdoor household or building locks. Works by lubricating moving parts to thaw and release frozen locks. Also protects from corrosion. Small, easy to carry bottle ensures you can have it with you whenever you need it!
#1920 - Autosol Anodized Aluminum Polish - 75ml Tube #1910 - Autosol M1 Chrome Plated Plastic Polish - 75ml Tube #0006 Plastic Protection & Care Kit
#1920 - Autosol Anodized Aluminum Polish - 75ml Tube
Price: $19.99
Sale Price: $14.99
You save $5.00!
#1910 - Autosol M1 Chrome Plated Plastic Polish - 75ml Tube
Price: $19.99
Sale Price: $14.99
You save $5.00!
Autosol Polish for Anodized Aluminum is a specially formulated polish containing the finest of polishing substances to achieve optimum cleaning results on all types of anodized aluminum without harming the anodized surface. Autosol M1 cleansing polish is a specially formulated polish containing the finest of polishing substances to achieve optimum cleaning results on all types of chrome-plated synthetic materials without harming the chrome plating.  M1 cleansing polish contains special aluminum-oxide with a minimum of abrasion, but a maximum polishing effect.  Cleans and protects in one step. This kit effortlessly and thoroughly cleans both indoor and outdoor plastic surfaces. It removes nicotine stains, shoe scuff marks, and gives a new gloss finish to tired surfaces. The kit also provides a protective film that prevents brittleness, graying and ageing and has a deep conditioning formula which creates a silk matt finish.

Kit Includes:
1 x 75 ml Plastic Cleaner
1 x 200 ml Plastic Care
1 x Microfiber Cloth
#7250 - Autosol Plastic Care - 250ml Bottle #7800 - Autosol Soft Top Repellent - 250ml Bottle #7700 - Autosol Leather Care - 250ml Bottle
Liquid formula plastic conditioner with rejuvenating agents to bring color and luster back to plastic surfaces. Works as a protectant to keep plastic soft to prevent drying and cracking.  Matte finish. For plastic surfaces in your car, on your bike or boat and around the home that require special attention to scratches and protection against imperfections. Originally developed for BMW, Autosol’s soft top repellent impregnates all types of material to provide waterproofing and lasting weather protection. Refreshes the color and impedes dirt accumulation. Powerful UV inhibitors protect against fading and shrinking. For best results, use with Autosol Convertible Top Cleaner. A unique combination of gentle cleaners and rich moisturizers protects new leather and restores life and luster to older, hardened leather. Mild cleaners remove perspiration and surface dirt. Penetrating moisturizers rehydrate the leather, restoring texture and elasticity. A blend of conditioners and UV inhibitors seals in moisture and protects from drying, cracking and abrasion. The non-greasy, lanolin-free formula leaves a natural matte finish with a fresh leather scent.